Moving: New City, New Life

Moving is hard, but moving through this challenge can make you stronger and a more well-rounded individual.

Whether the change is due to school, a job, or just wanting a fresh start, people are moving to new cities all the time. Even if it is a change you are excited about, creating a new life comes with its challenges. No one enjoys having to pack and unpack their belongings. But if you have to unwillingly leave the place where you have built community and a life for yourself and your family, it is especially difficult.

Building a new sense of home and community takes time, and it can cause feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and fatigue. Anytime we have to leave what we are comfortable or familiar with, it challenges us.

It is appropriate to mourn the home you have left; saying goodbye is hard. But trying to see this change in a positive light can help ease the transition.

Here are some ways to feel more connected to your new city:

  • Play tourist. Take the opportunity to really explore what your new city has to offer.
  • Spend time just driving around your new city. This can help you feel like you know where you are going.
  • Find your favorite new restaurants, coffee shops, parks, etc.
  • Volunteer with a local non-profit.
  • Get connected with a church, synagogue, etc.
  • Join a class, sports team, or club.

This experience can show you new things about yourself. If you are moving with family, this experience can really bring your family closer together. While it may not feel like it now, this could be a blessing in disguise.

Elizabeth Kraich, LAPC

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