Coping Through Creativity

The feelings that often accompany depression include loneliness, apathy, and lack of motivation. Becoming lost in our thoughts and feeling stuck are common experiences for those struggling with depression.

People use a variety of coping skills to manage their depression, including journaling, joining a support group, listening to music, and exercising. Creative outlets such as writing, illustrating, composing music, singing, painting, and sculpture can help a person with depression release the thoughts in their head, and eventually stop the cycle of rumination.

Tara Wray, a photographer and filmmaker based in Vermont, used photography as a tool to cope with her depression. In July 2018, Wray released a photo book titled, “Too Tired for Sunshine”. This photo book shares photos she took between 2011 and 2018 that reflect her journey with depression. The photos speak for themselves, and allow us a glimpse into Wray’s experience of depression.

After Too Tired for Sunshine was released, Wray received messages from many people who felt a strong connection to her work. Wray then started an Instagram account called @tootiredproject in which people can share a creative outlet to express their thoughts and feelings.

Living with depression can feel isolating at times. Projects like Wray’s can help people find connection and community in the midst of depression.

If you are experiencing depression symptoms, our team of therapists at GROW Counseling want to help you navigate this journey. A therapist can help equip you with tools to manage your depression.

Written by: Mary Anne Sylvester, LPC